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Yuriy Dubkov is one of the most sought-after development specialists with many years of expertise in real estate. His entrepreneurial endeavors encompass a spectrum of real estate activities: from minor renovations and repairs to major overhauls and construction projects. Yuriy is actively involved in various aspects of the industry, including both residential and commercial real estate. His professional portfolio is impressive, featuring over a hundred successfully completed projects, showcasing his versatility and depth of knowledge in the field.
One of Yuriy's business directions is offering innovative marketing solutions tailored to diverse business needs.
His marketing company provides a comprehensive approach and ability to deliver tailored, impactful marketing campaigns including developing cutting-edge strategies for digital marketing, brand development, and market analysis. This aspect of his work is showing growth, reflecting the success and numbers of effective marketing strategies implemented.
Yuriy Dubkov

Yuriy Dubkov: Consultation Services

Consultation is an important part of Yuriy’s work.  Since 2015, the specialist has decided not only to independently transform the real estate market, but also to help other people to muster and understand the key features of this business.


Nowadays, there are few experts who understand the concept of “development” in the broad sense of the word.  For many people, this term is presented as a narrow list of tasks and responsibilities that help to solve issues of planning, building, and selling real estate.  In reality, development includes a larger scope of properly running a business, an understanding of which guarantees success in the long term.

Investment decisions. 

It’s no secret that real estate is one of the most profitable investment strategies.  Careful analysis and competent selection of proposals can turn the purchase of housing or commercial real estate into a profitable investment.  Moreover, there are several options to monetize the process – the implementation of the property purchased earlier at a higher cost, as well as lease.

Marketing solutions.

In the era of digital transformation, it is important to respond quickly to market changes. An marketing company helps to form the “right” image of the company. A creative approach and the use of effective marketing tools help to realize the company’s potential and increase brand awareness.

The main directions which provide Yuriy Dubkov success in business

In addition to consulting activities, Yuriy currently has several international businesses, in which he provides a wide range of specialized services.  Among the most popular areas: repair work, construction, design, remodel, as well as integrated marketing solutions for business. Thanks to the tremendous experience and significant achievements in the field of development, Yuriy is a frequent guest speaker of relevant events. Dubkov is a welcome guest at all real estate exhibitions and a consultant for profitable real estate in several investment companies.